Israeli Tapas

Small starter plate
seven different tapas, for two persons
Eclipse Salad-Mix
all israeli tapas, for three or five persons
olives, pickled in garlic oil
sauce made of finely ground sesame seeds
Hazilim im Tahina
aubergines pickled in garlic oil and grilled with tahina
Hazil Babaganush
roasted aubergines with mayonnaise
Hazil Habait
grilled aubergines cooked with tomatoes
spicy tomato salad
Agvanijot Cherry
chopped cherry tomatoes with pine nuts and fresh basil
Kruv Lavan
coleslaw with carrots and fresh basil
Kruv Adom
marinaded red cabbage salad
Pilpelim metuganim
marinaded grilled pepper
Selek adom
beetroot salat
pickled cucumbers, carrots, cabbage etc.
marinated mushrooms